A big proponent of cloud technology in consumer technology was Apple in the past with the iCloud in 2011. In fact they are one of the major reasons many consumers associate cloud primarily with storage. In 2016 they were at the spotlight of the Apple versus FBI debate and this year, at CES, they have taken a stand with this ad. More information is in the Endgadget article https://www.engadget.com/2019/01/05/apple-ces-2019-privacy-advertising/

I would like to commend Apple for their bold yet truthful ad mentioning the privacy of your own device. If you control the hardware (as long as the "cloud" features are disabled) you control the data. With the explosion of social media and internet connected devices (many of which will be on display at CES) we often ignore the privacy implications.

For the last few years we experienced a major societal trend valuing convenience over privacy and security. I think that trend has changed, however, with the revelations regarding Facebook's data handling (though Facebook is not the only culprit). A noticeable number of 2019 New Years Resolutions are to reduce social media usage and it is likely that the revelations of many social media companies' data handling practices is a factor.

When your data is on someone else's computer (which includes cloud based services) they control the data. One cannot definitively know how it is handled or where it is. When everything is on your devices it is your data (as long as you keep those devices secure). The same is true with your IT assets as it is with your smartphone; if the servers are in your possession you control your data. We appreciate that Apple has validated our mission; with NetThunder's platform what happens in your datacenter or server room stays there.

NetThunder can provide you true privacy with your IT assets without the normal drawbacks of traditional IT. We allow our customers to host everything on premise and we do not require any access to your systems. Once everything is set up it is truly private. If you are reluctant to move your assets to cloud based services or are concerned about your assets on the cloud and want to keep them on premise feel free to contact us at info@netthunder.com.