Microsoft support for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Small Business Server (SMBS) 2011 is set to end on January 14, 2020. When a desktop operating system reaches its end of life (EOL) it can be a big deal. But when a server operating system reaches its EOL that big deal can become a huge IT project. New software may not run correctly on the old operating system. Security patches and updates are no longer provided, leaving servers and their networks vulnerable to security breaches.

Organizations in the healthcare industry will be in violation of HIPAA if their affected servers aren't updated by the deadline, and may be subject to fines and fees. Other regulated industries may also face similar compliance issues. As a result they may end up exposed to not only malicious actors, but regulatory sanctions as well.

Often businesses and IT departments choose to make infrastructure changes when a server's operating system reaches its EOL point. And that makes a lot of sense since server changes are a very large project. For several years the trend has been to move servers and services into the public cloud. But the public cloud is a prime target for hackers. And you have to be okay with your data sitting out there on a machine owned by someone else.

At NetThunder we believe there's a much better way. Our on-premise cloud solution smoothly replaces small business server services and operations. All while being more secure than public cloud solutions. And much faster to roll out than a traditional small business server.

As you begin the changeover from Server 2011, we invite you to explore the all of the benefits of NetThunder and our robust on-premise cloud solution.